Translated Interview with Designer Hisashi Yuki

{mosimage}TFW's SydneyY has translated an interview involving TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki (Yuki Hisashi) that Takara's site. Hisashi is credited as the one who named the Unicron Trilogy "Micron Trilogy" over in Japan, as well the designer for RiD Optimus Prime, Alternators Skids, astf Skids and Mudflap (their Chevrolet car toys AND their ice cream truck), ROTF Scalpel, and ROTF The Fallen. The interview covers his opinion on ROTF, even though he wasn't part of the development team; impressions on The Fallen's design; development on Sideways and Mixmaster's designs; the reason why Scalpel's toy and on-screen designs are different; and a prototype Unicron for Beast Wars Neo that never got off ground (Armada/Micron Legend's Unicron was designed by Hironori Kobayashi).

Read the interview at TFW or see it in its original format at TakaraTomy's "Making of Transformers" section. Don't forget to sound off at Blot's thread!