“Transformers Generations 2009” Volume 3 Scans

{mosimage}The kids at HK-TF.com has scans of the final volume of "Transformers Generations 2009" from publisher Million Hero! Volume 3 concludes the short 2-page story about the ghostly Starscream, as well how the mail-exclusive Skids and Screech are involved (not to mention what the heck is Mirage/Ligier doing)! Toy coverage here is mostly astf, as well a recap of the Tokyo premiere, various photos of the Microns (similar focus like Optimus and the Seekers in the first two), Alternity Bumblebee, more early concept art, and a mock-up of how the Human Alliance series & Mech Alive action feature would work! Transformers Generations 2009 Volume 3 comes out August 17 (yeah, don't ask).

Drop on over to HK-TF to check the scans out, and drop by Powered Convoy's thread to talk!