ROTF Bruticus On Shelves Early September?

{mosimage} The astf release of Bruticus here in the US has been creating quite a stir recently. It started with his delayed release compared to Superion Maximus and culminated into a near frenzy when reports came out that the set was canceled. Some new information may do well to alleviate the concern, however. Allspark member Smitty has been on a non-stop hunt for the truth behind the US release of Bruticus, and has received a call-back from Target with seemingly good news. Here is what he gleaned from the conversation:

Just got a call from Target, Bruticus is coming on the 6th of September. Or did he say the 10th? My phone was cutting out a bit, but we WILL see Bruticus in September!

In the wake of the recent confusion, take from that statement what you will. Have any thoughts on the matter? Share them here!


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