Photo Comparisons of Encore #15, #16, and #17

{mosimage}Want to know how the releases of Encores #15 though #17 stack up to their original releases? ACToys has a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure on how the Autobot Cassettes, Decepticon Cassettes, and Combaticons hold up to comparison! Quality issues has been a question for the Encores, but other than a bit of change on copyright mold (such as "Copyright 1986 Macau" versus "Copyright 1986 Made in China" on Slugfest), the Encore kids seem hold up quite well.

Head on over to ACToys for both #15 and #17 -Rewind and Eject versus Ravange and Buzzsaw, Steeljaw and Ramhorn versus Ratbat and Slugfest, respectively – on the Cassettes. Poke here at ACToys on the photo comparisons of Encore #16, the Combaticons!