IDW October 2009 Solicitations Covers

{mosimage}Comics Continuum now has some different covers to IDW's October 2009 Solicitations. Best of UK: Prey #3 with Optimus and Shockwave by Andrew Griffith has already been seen at his DeviantArt, alongside Trevor Hutchison's cover to All Hail Megatron Vol. 3 TPB. While Jetfire's cover for Tales of the Fallen #3 debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2009, we now have a much cleaner cover to the crotchety SR-71 Blackbird with lines done by Alex Milne (variant only, Carlos Magno will be doing another variant and interiors)! Also up is Chee Yang Ong's variant cover to AHM #16, featuring Bumblebee (he's the one who did the Starscream variant cover to AHM #13)!

Head on over to Comics Continuum here to check the covers out!