IDW November 2009 Solicitations

{mosimage}Here's IDW's November 2009 solicitations!

    Mike Costa (W), Don Figueroa, (A, C)
    Andrew Schmidt (W), Ken Christensen (A)
  • Tales of the Fallen #4
    Simon Furman (W), Carlos Magno (A), Magno, Alex Milne (C)
  • Best of UK: Prey #4
    Furman (W), Will Simpson, Jeff Anderson (A), Andrew Griffith (C)
  • Best of UK: Ciy of Fear TPB
    Fumran (W), Robin Smith, Anderson, Dan reed (A), Griffith (C)
  • Animated Digest Vol. 12 TPB
    Marty Isenberg (W)

Thanks to Comics Continuum for the list, and sound off here!


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