e-Hobby Exclusive Black Masterpiece Convoy Announcement & Photos!!!

{mosimage}In an announcement that no one was expecting (at least not for years), e-Hobby has revealed their next upcoming exclusive – MP-1B Masterpiece Convoy Black!  This figure is a redeco of the original Masterpiece figure (released almost 6 years ago) in the familiar black, gray, teal, and red color scheme originally started with Car Robots Black Convoy.  Much like Black G1 Reissue Convoy, Nucleon Quest Super Convoy, Black Hybrid Style Convoy, and the unreleased Black Henkei Convoy, this black redeco appears to still be an Autobot.  This release features an exclusive comic book.  Could this release be the next in the Masterpiece Spin Off Series first mentioned with MP-8X King Grimlock?

You can view e-Hobby's page here, and discuss the news in Nevermore's thread.