Downloadable Content Details for “ROTF: The Game”

{mosimage}Finally, a full run-down of the downloadable content for the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 versions of "astf: The Game"! Courtesy of WorthPlaying, here a list of characters and their abilities to whet the appetite!

  • G1 Optimus Prime – Laser Rifle, Shell Cannon, Energy Axe, and Valiant Leader
  • G1 Megatron – Lightning Gun, Dark Matter Beam, Energy Flail, Fusion Arm Cannon
  • G1 Starscream – Dual Null Rays, Dual Homing Missiles, Fists (yup, that's his melee), Megatron Blast
  • G1 Sunstorm – Dual Null Rays, Flamethowers, Fists, Thermal Wave
  • Jazz – Slug Repeater, Plasma Crescent Launcher, Fists, Super Speed
  • Sideswipe – Pulse Pistols, Proximity Mines, Arm Blades, Blade Strike
  • Soundwave – Charged Pulse Blast, Sonic Disruptor Waves, Fists, Dual Deployables
  • Jetfire (Multiplayer Only) – Ancient Cybetronian Pistol, Energon Wave Cannon, Fists, Radar Scanner
  • Stealth Bumblebee – All abilities same as his original
  • G1 Colors Ratchet – All abilities same as his original
  • G1 Colors Sideswipe – All abilities same as DLC Sideswipe

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