Auto Assembly 2009 Update With Contest Prizes

{mosimage}Simon Plumbe has updated regarding Auto Assembly 2009! 461 fans and still some room left! From Activision, 10 copies of astf: The Game for the PS3 will be given away to those that pre-registered in either a WEEKEEND or NON-ATTENDEE package. Next Of Kin will be performing a two-hour show as part of the Saturday night programming, instead of their scheduled one-hour show. The charity auction have a variety of things to choose over, such as a signed photo of golden voice Peter Cullen, an original piece of art from IDW's adapataion of ROTF by Alex Milne, an AA 2009 postcard artwork by Andrew Wildman, and much more!

Check back Auto Assembly's website for more details!

Auto Assembly 2009 Ten Day Update – Prize Draws And More!

Auto Assembly 2009 is just TEN DAYS away and while the convention is within reach, there are still more developments happening all the time…

* Bookings Update *

Bookings are at an all-time high with a staggering 461 fans already pre-registered for what is now Europe's biggest ever Transformers convention. We are now certainly going to be the first ever European Transformers convention to reach the "magical 500" attendance figure, and who knows, could we possibly make it to 600 from pre-registrations and on-the-door places?

This is where we DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP!! If you have already booked, please encourage your friends who haven't done so yet so we can reach this convention milestone! If you have a youtube account, why not mention Auto Assembly in one of your pupcoming videos, or post on your Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace accounts if you have them or post about Auto Assembly on any Transformers forums that you are a member of. The more people who attend the convention the better!

We are already looking into plans right now for Auto Assembly 2010 (and we have made provisional approaches to several voice actors and other guests) and one thing that we will offer is a reduced rate registration for Auto Assembly 2009 attendees so there's another reason to book up!

Despite Auto Assembly 2009 being so close, there IS time for you to be able to pre-register! If you live in the UK, we can still process bookings for at least the next 5-6 days and get them out in plenty of time before the convention. If you live outside of the UK (or are planning on booking for the weekend), you can opt to have you packs ready for you for collection when you arrive and pick them up on the Friday so there's no reason not to miss out! Our superb non-attendee packages are also available so check the website for the latest revised deadlines.

* Activision Prize Draw *

As you know, we are running two sponsored prize draws for pre-registrants this year… 40 people chosen at random will receive a pack of the new Revenge Of The Fallen 3D Top Trumps cards and 50 people will win a copy of Issue 2.1 of Titan's Transformers comic and the winners will find a redemption voucher in their convention packs that you collect when you arrive. Well, we now have the third prize draw confirmed…

Activision have very kindly donated TEN copies of their Revenge Of The Fallen game for the Playstation 3 to us to give away. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is to pre-register for the convention as a WEEKEND or NON-ATTENDEE package. Prior to the convention, we will select TEN attendees at random who qualify, and you will find a winning ticket in your packs. Take it along to the Registration Desk over the weekend and exchange it for your game, worth £40!

* Saturday Night Rock Concert *

Next Of Kin, who are responsible for Auto Assembly 2009's official theme song, are already lined up to perform a one-hour show of Transformers music as part of the Saturday night programme of activities but now, they are going to be performing TWO shows… Instead of the disco, Next Of Kin will be taking a short rest break after their Transformers show, and will return to the stage for a three hour regular concert performing some of their own material and a mix of familar rock and pop songs throughout the night!!

* Party Pass *

We know that many of you who are attending just for the Saturday are unable to join us for the full weekend because of work, personal or travel commitments. However, after looking at the capacity of the hall, we are now in a position to have a VERY LIMITED number of additional places available in the hall for the evening programme and we will make these available to Saturday attendees as an add-on to your normal one-day pass. These Party Passes will be on sale during the day at the convention on a first come, first served basis for £10 each and they will gain you admission to the Evening Programme of entertainment including the script reading, both shows from Next Of Kin, and Ray Curran's performance of the youtube hit, "Unknown Transforming Robot".

* Charity Auction *

Our charity auction is now looking pretty astonishing with about 25-30 items confirmed and are either with us or in transit including a vast amount of original comic artwork, autographed toys and photos and much more besides. Highlights include a signed photo of Peter Cullen (G1 Optimus Prime), an original page of art from IDW's live action movie adaptation by Alex Milne, the Ato Assembly 2009 postcard artwork by Andrew Wildman, a Beast Wars Transmetal Optimus Primal toy signed by Garry Chalk and much more besides. For a full list, keep checking the website. Remember, the auction is open to attendees (it takes place on Saturday afternoon) and non-attendees by way of proxy bidding.

For full details on Auto Assembly 2009 and to book your tickets, visit the website at

Simon Plumbe
Auto Assembly 2009

Auto Assembly 2009 is a non-profit making convention for fans of Transformers and is being held on 15th – 16th August 2009 at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham, England. The convention is sponsored by Winning Moves (, Titan Magazines ( and Activision (

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