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{mosimage}Those living or headed to London better be ready when Auto Assembly kicks off in less than 3 days! Deadline for pre-registration is 9PM Greenwich Mean Time today (1PM PST/4PM EST), so better put your foot down on that gas pedal! Here's a quick rundown on the latest:

  • Displays of Lucky Draw figures
    For a taste of rarity, one of the most questioned figures in Transformers history is the extremely rare Black God Magnus, a black repaint of Car Robots God Magnus (Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus)! Only 10 were ever made and somehow slipped under a variety of people's radar as a 2000 TV Magazine Lucky Draw prize! Also on display are listed various other Lucky Draw figures along the franchise, from Beast Wars Gold Megatron, to Micron Legend Gold Convoy (Optimus Prime) and Jetfire, to Super Link Black Rodimus Convoy, and to a Galaxy Force Gold Galaxy Convoy!
  • Ian Corlett on stage with Next of Kin
    Cheetor, singing? Inconceivable! Well, more that Corlett being drummer with band Next of Kin on Saturday's performance to select tracks! Keep in mind that recording the performance is banned due to preparation for AA's own DVD release.
  • astf Screening
    The Odeon Cinema on New Street will be screening astf on Friday, August 14, so those that enjoyed watching it can watch it again, while those that haven't watched it can gear up for Autobot versus Decepticons on the big screen! It's a 5-minute walk from the hotel and the screening is exclusive to weekend and/or Friday program attendees, so wear those passes. You will have to pay £4.50 but discounts can be made depending on how many people show up. Planned meeting is in the main convention hall around 8:30PM.
  • Script Reading
    Gregg Berger, Ian Corlett, and our own Chris McFeely! Those wanting to try out as G1 Optimus and/or Beast Wars Razorbeast better send MP3 clips [email protected]! Like the concert on Saturday, absolutely no recording of the script reading.

Check back often at Auto Assembly for any future updates! Thanks to our UK counterparts from TF @ the Moon on some of the announcements!

Greetings Transformers Fans!

Auto Assembly 2009 is FOUR days away (or less if you’re arriving on Friday!).This year’s Auto Assembly is already confirmed as being THE BIGGEST European Transformers convention in history!And now, with our goal of 500 pre-bookings creeping ever nearer, we’ve saved some of the best news til last!


Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, we’re happy to confirm another part is available in our amazing script reading session.YOU could be joining Ian Corlett, Gregg Berger and Transformers expert Chris McFeely on stage as… G1 Autobot Leader Optimus Prime!

Entering is simple; record your audition as an MP3 and send it along to [email protected] – Let us be clear – the best candidate won’t be entered into a prize draw or anything… you WILL play Optimus Prime alongside his G1 Counterpart Grimlock, as voiced by his original voice actor.Don’t miss this chance!

If you don’t really have the Prime voice nailed then fear not, we are also auctioning the role of Beast Wars Razor Beast – same rules apply, but we need your auditions ASAP!!!!!


The voice of Beast Wars Cheetor, Ian Corlett gave the Auto Assembly team a massive surprise this week – when he asked to join Next of Kin on stage as their guest drummer for the night!You have to attend Saturday night to see this original voice actor pick up his sticks for some select tracks!


If for some reason you STILL haven’t pre-registered for AA09 then now is the time!The deadline for Pre-registrations is 9pmWednesday 12th August 2009 – that’s THIS Wednesday people as long as you collect your passes IN PERSON!We anticipate there will be some places available on the door, but pre-registration is the only way to guarantee entry – so please come along to the website TODAY to guarantee your place!

Because of some of the current issues with the Royal Mail strikes in some parts of the UK we cannot guarantee to post passes in time to reach you if you choose this option.


There is still time for people who can’t attend to order our non-attendee pack, but numbers are limited – please email now to avoid disappointment!You can also email us with your bids for items in our charity auction; there’s a list of items up on our website.

Auto Assembly 2009 is already the biggest Eurpean Transformers convention ever – but we’re striving to break that glass ceiling of 500 fans, so please, pre-register today before it’s too late!

For full details on Auto Assembly 2009 and to book your tickets, visit the website at

Simon Plumbe

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Hi everyone,
Just a quick update on the Revenge Of The Fallen cinema screening that we are arranging for the Friday night bonus programme as part of this year's convention as well as a mini update on the Saturday night party…

Revenge Of The Fallen
We have chosen the Odeon cinema on New Street in Birmingham City Centre to hold the screening of Revenge Of The Fallen on Friday 14th August. While it isn't an IMAX cinema, the IMAX was not only going to be quite an expensive option but the cinema wanted us to guarantee over 250 ticket sales which we couldn't do.

The Odeon is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel and we will be given EXCLUSIVE use of one of their screens and tickets for the film will cost just £4.50 although we may be offered a discount on these depending on how many people go along. The plan is to meet up in the main convention hall at around 8:30 pm and then once everyone has gathered, walk over to the cinema, buy our tickets and see the film!

What we need is to get a rough idea of how many of you would be planning on joining us so we can let the cinema know what size screen they can reserve for us. They have screens ranging in size from 67 people up to around 300 and we can get the use of any of them for the convention but we will need to reserve it in advance so we need to know pretty urgently so the sooner you reply to us the better.

The screening is exclusive to weekend attendees only, as is the whole of the Friday programme. The only thing we must remind everyone is that because the cinema screening is an exclusive Auto Assembly event, you will need to wear your passes when you go to the cinema to ensure that you are sold tickets to the film.

Next Of Kin

If you haven't already heard online, our band Next Of Kin who have composed Transform, the official anthem for Auto Assembly 2009, are playing a one-hour set of different tracks from the animated Transformers movie as part of our Saturday evening programme. After that, our plans for Saturday night have changed somewhat…

Instead of a disco, Next Of Kin will be taking a short break after their Transformers set, and will then RETURN to the stage for a rip-roaring show for the rest of the night, playing their own songs, and a selection of cover songs from various artists to suit all tastes! This will be a great show and it will mean that we will have an entire evening of live music and entertainment for you all!

Party Passes

For those of you only attending for the Saturday and who aren't able to be there for the weekend because of work, travel or other reasons but who want to attend the evening programme, then worry no more! We now have some spare capacity on the night so we are releasing a limited number of PARTY PASSES. These will be on sale throughout the day on Saturday for just £10 each and they will admit you into the evening programme so if you want to see the script reading, the two shows from Next Of Kin, and the performance by Ray Curran, then snap these up while you can!

Party Rules

We don't want to put a dampener on things, but we do want to put a couple of minor rules in place for the Saturday night. First, because we will be filming part of the evening for our own DVD release and because it is exclusive for weekend attendees, video cameras and video recording of the script reading and Next Of Kin show is BANNED. If anyone is found to be recording either of these without prior written permission, then your cameras, mobile phones, or any other recording devices may be confiscated and recordings will be deleted.

Secondly, because the party will be taking place in the convention hall, carrier bags, shopping bags, sports bags etc or bags of any other kind (apart from ladies handbags) are NOT permitted in the convention hall. There will still be some dealers tables set up in the hall albeit covered up and sectioned off, but to reduce the risk of theft, bags will not be allowed.
Sorry about these, but we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the evening with as little hassle as possible!
That's it for now and we're looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!

The Auto Assembly 2009 Team!
Auto Assembly 2009 – The Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham, England

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