Alternity Bumblebee & Cliffjumper Full Color Photos Revealed!!!

{mosimage}Weeks ago at the Tokyo Toy Show, photos revealed two prototypes of the upcoming Transformers Alternity Suzuki Swift Bumblebee.  On hand were two uncolored samples of the robot mode.  Many fans speculated that the second copy featured a Cliffjumper head rather than that of Bumblebee – but the photo was too small to tell for certain.  Many preorder listings also described the Red Pearl Bumblebee as Cliffjumper, but some felt that may have been wishful thinking from whoever created the entry. Famitoy now dispels any further speculation with confirmation that A03 Bumblebee Red Pearl is indeed Cliffjumper and he features a new headsculpt!  This marks a continuing trend for TakaraTomy, as Cliffjumper has yet to be simply the exact same Bumblebee figure just in red in any of their Transformer lines.

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