Allspark Gallery Update 8-08-09

{mosimage}The Allspark Galleries have been updated again, and we have a slew of new entries!  Check out these 37 sets below, and keep up with our constantly growing galleries here!

D-05 Octone | D-06 Galvatron | D-07 Cyclonus
C-11 Ironhide
| C-12 Cheetor | Henkei C-13 Hound & Jaguar
C-14 Ratchet
| C-15 Inferno | C-16 Dinobot
Clear Convoy

A-01 Convoy (Ultimate Metal Silver)   | A-01 Convoy (Byplan Red)
A-01 Convoy (Super Black)
| A-02 Megatron (Blade Silver)
A-02 Megatron (Premium Le Mans Blue)

MP8 Grimlock

E-Hobby City Guardian | 09 Omega Supreme

Voyager Wreck-Gar

Voyager Leo Prime | Special Edition Deluxe Dragstrip
Special Edition Deluxe Megatron
| Legends Warpath
Legends Brawn
| Legends Beachcomber | Special Edition Optimus Prime
Special Edition Overkill
| Deluxe Hot Shot | Universe Inferno

Transformers: Return of the Fallen
Voyager The Fallen | Voyager Starscream | Scout Dune Runner
Deluxe Ravage
| Scout Depth Charge
Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky

Shattered Glass Grimlock | Shattered Glass Goldbug


Allspark News

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