All Hail Megatron #14 – Lines-Only Pages of “Galvatron”

{mosimage}Artist Andrew Griffith has posted up select pages of Galvatron's story from All Hail Megatron #14, where we see how the familiar faces that's been associated with Galvatron comes to be. We last saw Galvatron peeking out (in a manner) from where Optimus threw him in in Spotlight: Sideswipe, now see Galvatron who certainly is different from his Generation 1 incarnation! AHM #14 has already been released, so read it up!

Here's page 1, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 7, and page 9 at Andrew's DeviantArt gallery! Don't forget to check out his other works, such as various covers to the Best of UK reprints! And do sound off at the discussion thread!