Tyrese On TF3

{mosimage} Sergeant Epps has being patrolling Comicon, keeping an eye out for Decepticons, no doubt!  Last night, Tyrese appeared on the panel for the film Legion, and gave a shout out to all the fans who helped make astf number 1 worldwide!  We were happy to help, Mr. Gibson!  He also added a couple comments about a potential third TF movie, saying that "It is in motion." and “Michael Bay, he definitely needs to take a break from Transformers, understandably so, but this is the movie — the biggest movie he’s ever directed in his life, and so, he can keep producing all of these other projects, but he is officially the king of geeks.”  He also says he's sure that his role will be bigger.  Well, at least he got a toy before Dunhamel did!  Read more at Blastmagazine.com!