Tokyo Toy Fair 2009 Exclusive ROTF Voyager Optimus

{mosimage}Thanks to this blog , there's photos of the Tokyo Toy Fair 2009 exclusive astf Voyager Optimus Prime, a redeco of his 2007 Voyager self! Interestingly, this edition lacks the characters "上海将军" ("Shanghai general") that was on his hood, and "大将" ("big general") that was on the top of the cab, but kept the gold Autobot symbol. The blog mentions that considering the words, it could've been a reference to the Shanghai scene, given that Optimus is the highest-ranking Autobot. On the flip side, "大将" in the Japanese context is also used to call owners of eateries, such as over in Oosaka, so the omission would make sense.

Check out the images at the blog here, or see them mirrored at our gallery! Sound off at this thread as well!