TF Hispanos Interview with Simon Furman

{mosimage}hombreimaginario, AKA synaspe over at the IDW boards, of the TF Hispanos boards has recently interviewed Simon Furman, that good ol' writing chap. Questions range from how Simon came to writing comics, whether he knows of the Japanese series (Headmasters, Victory), any changes over the years, and more! Here's a tidbit that may be of interest for some fans:

5. You always seem to have a lot on your plate! So what other projects are you working on right now? Any news or teasers you can throw in about The Thirteen?

SF) The Thirteen is probably not going to happen for a while, as it’s become more of a Hasbro thing than an IDW thing, and Hasbro need to crystallise the whole concept before it can be turned into a comic book. I think and hope it will still happen, as it’s a story I’d dearly love to tell, but I have no firm grasp or when or in what form it will eventually see print. Other than that, I’m working on Tales of the Fallen for IDW, Transformers UK vol 2 for Titan, Starcraft for Wildstorm, a movie script and I have two books out in June: Transformers: The Movie Universe and Rad Robots.

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