TakaraTomy Accidentally Gives Clue to TF Generations Vol. 3 Mail Away Figure?!

{mosimage}About 10 days ago, BBTS added a listing for the mail away figure available through Transformers Generations Volume 3 magazine.  The listing was for Skids & Screech.  Theories ranged from a G1 Skids in RotF Skids colors to Universe/Henkei Ironhide redecoed as G1 Skids.  Also on that same day, images from Tokyo Toy Show began to surface, revealing TakaraTomy's line up for the upcoming months.  These images included their Encore release of G1 Skids albeit very small.  Close up images of Encore Skids at the event finally surfaced recently, and close observers will notice something wrong with the figure.  While the majority of the figure appears to be a normal G1 Skids, his chrome launcher, normally with red and blue plastic (matching that of the rest of Skids's color scheme) wasn't present, instead another version of the launcher was used.  The images show that in fact he is holding a chrome launcher with the red replaced with gray and blue replaced with green.  The colors used mostly through out astf Skids.

You can view the image here, and discuss the revelations here.