“Starscream’s Ambition” From TF Generations 2009 Vol. 2 Translated!

{mosimage}For G1 Starscream fans in the Henkei-verse, he's baaaaack! Well, ghost of Starscream. Or, maybe not. The 2-page comic that's in volume 2 of "Transformers Generations 2009" has been translated for your English-reading pleasure at Hydra's TF Pulp, art and story by Naoto Tsushima (Stargate Battles, Henkei)! Confusion aside, a bit of Starscream and Megatron banter over the ghostly abilities after our favorite back-stabbing second-in-command Decepticon takes a fusion cannon shot. And a line that seems more suited elsewhere (don't read too much into it).

Read the 2-page comic here and don't forget to sound off at our ever-ongoing thread!