Sightings, Sightings Everywhere!

{mosimage} A ton of new astf toys are hitting the shelves! We've had reports of Deluxe Wave 4 *and* 5 – meaning the Ice Cream Twins, Blazemaster, Dead End, and Jolt (Wave 4) as well as Arcee, Swerve and Stalker Scorponok (Wave 5) are out in the wild. If that wasn't enough, Voyager Wave 5, Long Haul and Grindor, have been sighted as well. Leader Wave 2, Jetfire, is on shelves as well. And for non-ROTF, well, there's pretty much just new Star Wars Crossovers – Wave 14 with Ahsoka and a Magna Guard.

Keep your eyes peeled for all these toys, and as you find em, report them in our sightings forums: Deluxe Wave 4, Deluxe Wave 5, Voyager Wave 5, Leader Wave 2, and Star Wars Crossovers!