SDCC: IDW Panel Wrap-Up

{mosimage} The IDW panel was held yesterday at SDCC, and here's a recap and round-up for you!

* More Movie stories are on the way. Tales of the Fallen: Jetfire, and Fallen two parter are among them. Chris Mowry is writing the former and Simon Furman the latter.
* Expect more Arcee and Ravage in the Movie comics
* Transformers: Nefarious to be set after RotF. 6 issues, Simon FUrman on writing duties.
* All Hail Megatron #15 will showcase Kup and Perceptor, while #16 will have Bumblebee and Spike. Spike's new role will be vital.
* A new on-going Transformers comic is coming in November. It will be written by Mike Costa with Don Figueroa on art. Everything changes…and some one may die in issue #1!
* The Bumblebee offshoot miniseries from the on-going will be by Zander Cannon and starts in December. Bumblebee will take on a new role.
* IDW plans to wrap up the remaining Marvel trades.
* No GI Joe/Transformers crossover is planned.
* No Circuit Breaker is planned.
* 13 project has been canned, but they will deal with it as soon as the possibly can.
* Last Stand of the Wreckers by Nick Roche.
* No talk of Transformers 3 comics yet. No plans for future Animated comics.
* More Dinobots! And Springer will make an appearance (apparently they're quite fond of his "Better things to do tonight than die" line in the 1986 movie)
* Skywarp will be a villain in the Bumblebee series.
* Spotlights are currently on hold, but may return in the future.

So there you have it! And don't forget to discuss this and everything SDCC in our on-going thread here!