San Diego Comic-Con Transformers Product Panel

{mosimage} The Hasbro  Transformers Product Panel is going on live RIGHT NOW at the San Diego Comic-Con, and we are covering it live on Twitter here!  Go to the discussion in our forums here.  The highlights:

  • Legends: Wheelie, Soundwave, Arcee, Jolt
  • Scout: Breakdown, Skystalker, Scattorshot
  • Deluxe: Ratchet and Lockdown (w/ interchangeable weapons); Dirge (new mold conehead); Brawn (G1-themed NEST vehicle)
  • Voyager: Jungle Ironhide; Bludgeon; Mindwipe (stealth jet, skinny & bat-like bot mode; works with Skystalker)
  • Human Alliance: Barricade w/ Frenzy (fits in chest), Mudflap w/ Simmons and Chromia
  • Exclusive Titaniums: Optimus Prime, Hot Zone, Thrust (out now at Target)
  • Walmart Exclusive: Masterpiece Skywarp
  • Toys R Us Exclusive: Nemesis Gathering set w/ deluxe Soundwave redeco, TF1 voyager Megatron, and the Fallen
  • Target Exclusive: voyager Burning Fallen
  • Animated over, but all remaining figures will be released: Electrostatic Soundwave, Arcee, Rodimus Minor, Cybertronian Ratchet, Cybertronian Ironhide (grey proto shown), Fugitive Wasp (no new head), Golfire Grimlock, Hydrodrive Bumblebee, Blackout, Wingblade Optimus Prime (backup works with Voyager version), Voyager Thundercracker
  • Want to do Animated white Soundwave deco as Activator.

From the Q&A portion:

  • Movie style for foreseeable future
  • No Animated Slipstream
  • Animated re-runs on new Hasbro/Discovery network
  • 3rd Arcee sister named either Flareup or Moonracer
  • MP Skywarp will have Takara face
  • No Animated Omega Supreme
  • No plans for "deco your own TF"
  • Flareup will have a toy but will have no combination instruction
  • blue Human Alliance Sideswipe in the works
  • No My Little Pony Crossover
  • Hope for other Human Alliance Decepticons(?)
  • Paramount licenses GI Joe and Transformers from Hasbro
  • No current plans for MP Grimlock, but maybe later
  • Considering G1 deco for Devastator
  • No Human Alliance Grindor w/ Alice
  • Overload (Constructicon) not currently in Devastator for cost reasons
  • No look at Leader-class Starscream
  • Classics not immediate part of line (?)
  • Nothing definitive on Legends Devastator
  • Nothing on movie 3, new animation (?)
  • Blaster not on Hasbro radar