San Diego Comic-Con 2009 June 25 Saturday Schedule

{mosimage}Saturday's schedule at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 doesn't really carry any Transformers-specific events. However, for events/panels with some relation to our alien robotic overlords, here's a run down:

Marvel: "Hero Up" with The Super Hero Squad Show! 10AM – Charlie Adler (G1 Silverbolt, Triggerhappy; movie Starscream), Tomy Kenny (Animated Starscream, Isaac Sumdac; movie Skids, Wheelie), Grey DeLisle (movie Arcee), Steve Blum (RiD Dark Scream, Fort Max, W.A.R.S.)

Writers' Guild Panel: PG-13 Animation 10AMPaul Dini (G1 "Dweller in the Depths"), Greg Johnson (BW "Equal Measures", "Bad Spark"), Stan Berkowitz (Animated "Rise of the Constructicons")

Shout! Factory booth 1PMAndrew Griffith signing (Best of UK covers, Spotlight Jazz cover, 25th Ann. Matrix DVD set)

Fringe Screening and Q&A 4PM – Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (movie screenwriters)

Dorling Kindersley booth 4PM – Simon Furman signing (comics)

Hasbro/Marvel panel 12:30PM – Doesn't mention the Crossovers line, but they do mention a 2010 sneak peek, so anything's possible

Adventures in Voice Acting Workshop 5PM – Lance Henkriksen (Animated Lockdown) with Steve Blum

Pick your way through Saturday, June 25!