San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Friday Schedule

{mosimage}Friday's schedule for San Diego Comic-Con 2009 is up. The main Transformers-related event would be IDW's The Great Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover at noon till 1PM. Named folks showing up? Flint Dille of both original cartoons and Mike Costa who will be working on one of the later All Hail Megatron issues, while GI Joe fans can look forward to Robert Atkins. There's going to be others, but either the scehdule writers didn't get the memo or the IDW guys are just teasing us. For the live-action movie fans, you can try and catch Tyrese Gibson (Master Sergeant Epps) at Image Comics' panel at 11:30PM, and then later at Sony Pictures Entertainment's event later at 3:45PM when they'll unveil two projects.

Check out the Friday schedule and plan carefully!