{mosimage}Your jaw is going to drop for this one.  TFG2 has released a new image from the astf concept art.  It's some previously scene artwork of Devastator – at an amazingly huge new size:  8000×5000 pixels!  Incredible!  It also shows off all his vehicles, and their robot modes, as well as some interesting tidbits – for example, it states that Hightower was never intended to have a robot mode, and it seems that the reason Overload's robot mode was dropped was due to the fact that while the other Constructicons had finished art, his was still a WIP.  See the TFG2 post here, but to get the massive version, click here, click the Chinese text with the English letters 'HTTP' in them (left of the Google searchbox), and then press the blue button that appears to download the 14 megabyte(!!) image file!