Revenge RA-24 Leader Buster Optimus Prime & Alternity Bumblebee Shown at Tokyo Toy Show

{mosimage}Among the slew of Japanese robots on display at Tokyo Toy Show 2009, the most interesting may just be the astf RA-24 Leader Buster Optimus Prime and Alternity A-03 Suzuki Swift Bumblebee. For Transformers fans, anyway.  Buster Optimus features an exuberant amount of painted details, rivaling even the highest quality paint jobs we've ever seen from TakaraTomy or Hasbro. He, of course, is sporting his new maskless facesculpt and ion blaster. Alternity Bumblebee was also shown, but does not yet feature his Champion Yellow or Red Pearl color schemes; he was as gray as a dead Optimus.

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