Guidi and Matere with Inks on AHM #1 and Spotlight Metroplex

{mosimage} All black and white lines here, artists! First up, Guido Guidi (Hearts of Steel, Spotlight Galvatron) has posted the BW inks for several pages of All Hail Megatron #1, namely seven of the first ten pages and page 20! Next up, Marcelo Matere (Spotlights Grimlock and Soundwave) has posted up the first nine pages from Spotlight Metroplex (featuring said titular Autobot, the Throttlebots, and Sixshot), most of the pages being spreads.

On AHM #1, here's page 3 (in pencils!) for a starter and see the rest at Guido's DeviantArt gallery! On Metroplex, HERE's page 1 and check the remaining pages at Marcelo's DeviantArt! Don't forget to scope out their previous works as well!