Box Office Watch: ROTF Vs Harry Potter – Who will Come Out On Top?

{mosimage}Things are looking good for astf! Currently at $383 million domestic-wise, and $746 million worldwide, The Fallen's already made bank. The question now is whether or not it can maintain the top gross for 2009! It's biggest competitor is Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince. So how did Potter's first weekend stack up against Revenge? Five day totals for the kid wizard came to $159 million – not bad, but not anywhere close to Revenge's $200.1 million! It looks like ROTF is well on its way to reigning supreme domestically this year, but Potter's looking to get a staggeringly huge gross for worldwide. Will our robotic overlords keep the worldwide title, or lose it to the boy wizard? Who can say! But keep your eyes on the Live Action Blog for more details!