Battle Beasts to Make a Return?

{mosimage} On display at the Diamond Select Toys booth at SDCC this past weekend, a solitary bipedal alligator in tan armor stood guard amidst an overwhelming onslaught of Marvel, Ghostbusters and other Minimates from various licenses. Who was this alligator? He's apparently the first of a new toy-line for the '80s Battle Beasts toy brand! The toys will use the basic Minimate body with the animal and armor parts added to the mix. Expect the first toy to be released alongside a foldout laboratory set later this year!

For fans confused what this has to do with Transformers, the Battle Beasts brand (under the name "Beast Formers") recieved a crossover with the Headmasters cartoon in Japan. They later returned in Devil's Due's comic book crossover between GI Joe and Transformers just a few years back. So what does this revitalization of the brand mean towards renewed Battle Beast/Transformers relations? Only time will tell!

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