Auto Assembly 2009 Merchandise

{mosimage}Heads up to those attending Auto Assembly 2009 in London on August 15 and 16, as they've posted the merchandise up! What's up to loose your hard-earned/hard-saved cash over? For one – and limited to 1000 copies at the con – the convention exclusive comic cover to All Hail Megatron #13 done by Nick Roche and Liam Shalloo, with cameos of themselves and Gregg Berger, for one! Other stuff includes the convention exclusive mug that's limited to only 108 of these guys, and a variety of fanzines, that of the Cybertronain Times! Lastly, three keyrings to pick from, but they're limited in stock: Bumblebee and Spider-Man, Optimus Prime, and Animated Jazz!

Check back often at Auto Assembly for updates and see the merchandise list here!