TakaraTomy Yahoo! Channel on “Revenge of the Fallen”

{mosimage}Yup, TakaraTomy has created their own official Yahoo! channel with goodies pertaining to astf (also known as Transformers: Revenge in Japan), and look who shows up! Issei Masamune (Masamune Issei)!

"Who is this Issei Masamune?", numerous Western fans may ask. The more knowledgeable folks know him as the narrator and the voice of Soundwave in both the original G1 cartoon and "The Headmasters" cartoon, as well the Quintessons in 1986's Transformers: The Movie! From the looks of the clip, he also does most of the voice overs for Japan's TV spots and toy commercials. When asked of his thoughts on the live-action films, Masamune mentions about how the tempo now is even faster compared to 25 years ago, and that he hopes fans will enjoy Revenge. Masamune also has a message for the fans and children of said fans: please keep supporting Transformers!

Additional goodies on the channel includes episode 1 of the cartoon in Japanese, various commercials for the toys and a promotion video (using one of the early trailers) of related products, and a slightly edited version of the latest movie trailer.

Check back on the channel often!