Scott Farrar and ILM on “Revenge” Effects

{mosimage}Interested in some of the mechanics behind the special effects for our beloved transforming alien robots? Read up these two articles! Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Farrar worked not just on astf, but also Transformers, Jurassic Park, Men In Black, and Minority Report, to name a few other big films. Farrar talked to The Film Yap about the changes done to the original Transformers and alongside improvements. Some of the ILM crew talked with Studio Daily on the more technical details when it came to dealing with the IMAX format, such as shooting an entirely new library of effects (smoke, dust, dirt, etc.) due to resolution differences of a normal 2000 resolution to 4K resolution that works on IMAX.

Read up Scott Farrar's words at The Film Yap, and check out Studio Daily's interview with some of the ILM crew!