ROTF Voice Cast List

{mosimage} Lots of astf rumors have been swirling around, about possible voice actors.  We've heard names from Tony Todd to Susan Blu, to Tom Kenny to Jason Griffith.  Well, TFW's Chris McFeely scored an early showing, and paid particular attention to the credits, and there are some surprises within!

Sideswipe is voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo, not Jason Griffith as rumored. 
Arcee is Grey DeLisle, not Susan Blu.
Jetfire is voiced by Mark Ryan, not John Turturro.
Tom Kenny is Skids, as well as Wheelie.
Mudflap is played by Reno Wilson – AKA Frenzy from TF1.
The Doctor is played by John Dicrosta.
Kevin Michael Richardson plays one of the 13.
Tony Todd is indeed the Fallen.
Frank Welker is both Soundwave, and Devastator.

The actors from Film 1 all retain their roles.  To read Chris McFeely's full post, click here , but beware of spoilers!