*POTENTIAL SPOILER* German Dub Clips Peeks: Demolishor and Wheelie

{mosimage}Those still patiently waiting for astf to be released in their respective countries and/or haven't seen it yet at the various premieres, you have been warned. Maybe spoilerish to some, maybe not. Allsparker Nevermore has found a German dub clip – via Unterhaltung – of the where Sam's calling Mikaela after his mental meltdown and where Wheelie, that little rascal, is trying to get his mitts on a certain object. It might be in German, but the actions certainly speak for themselves. Another German dub clip, this time from Prosieben, features N.E.S.T. on their Decepticon hunt in Shanghai, and look who pops up to say hi.

Check out Mikaela once again dealing with a small 'Con and N.E.S.T. chasing after Demolishor , if you dare!  Don't forget to sound off at Nevermore's thread!