Michael Bell Pays Us A Visit

{mosimage}In response to The Allspark's article Get Your Comics Animated, Michael Bell has dropped by to thank everyone for their support and ask that we continue to support his efforts. Michael writes:

Hey T purists,
Thanks for all the responses to the demo. To those of you that liked, loved, and used it for personal gratification, cool beans!
Those of you that thought it was limited in content or approach, remember, it was a demo..designed to show the possibilities and not for public consumption. Time constraints demanded an immediate presentable product. No time to start sifting through the best stories etc.
If IDW recants and gives us a go ahead with some scratch to do a good job, I assure you, you will be blown awayby the end result.
In expensive but classy thrills for a .99 cent download. Much MORE THEN MEETS THE EYE!
Again, thanks for the attention and cogent responses.
For those of you who took the time to write IDW, you are da bomb.

Please be sure and drop by the thread and thank him, and tell us what you think about the project.