Michael Bay’s “Optimus Prime and Optimus Prime” Award from Tokyo Premiere

Wonder how that double Prime of Leader ROTF Optimus and G1 Optimus award Michael Bay got at Tokyo’s astf premiere looks like? Well, here it is, via the director’s official site! Kōjin Ōno (Ōno Kōjin in Japanese format) has been one of the early guys on Takara’s side and is probably one of the most important figures in the Transformers franchise’s history. What’s his tie to our beloved transforming alien robots? His Diaclone and Microman designs were what caught Hasbro’s attention that lead to the creation of Transformers. Ōno-san presented Bay that award during Tokyo’s premiere.
Look in envy that this is one Transformers item that’ll won’t be gracing any fans’ shelves any time soon at Michael’s official site.