Making Movies, Enemies, and Money: Michael Bay

{mosimage}He's on Forbes! Want to see how much more can you compare the Meister of Explosions, Chaos, Mayhem, and Awesomeness to other Hollywood directors? Try 63 shots of film in one day for astf, three times versus what most other directors do and toss in that Michael has heard "stories about directors waiting eight hours to shoot." Another would be him being within budget (saving serious amounts by cutting a deal with GM and the US military) as well being on time. Speaking of military, here's another tidbit for those future directors thinking about involving the armed forces:

On the Transformers set in New Mexico, a handful of military personnel stand by at all times to help Bay strategize his attack scenes. "We need to see a commitment from the filmmaker that it's going to look real," says Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Bishop, the U.S. Army's entertainment liaison. "Fighting alien robots isn't realistic, but if we did fight alien robots, this is the way we'd do it." Bay's deal: free tanks, Humvees and rocket launchers as long as they're being used in training exercises. If soldiers are training on an Apache helicopter, Bay can film it for free.

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