Lawson “ROTF” Exclusives

{mosimage}Japan-based Lawson have their own astf exclusive sets! The Autobot set contains Bumblebee and a EZ Collection Mudflap, while the other has Soundwave with a EZ Collection The Fallen. Either sets are only available via Lawson's Ticketmaster-esqe Loppi (online or in store). Reservation dates run from May 1 to June 29 for online orders, although in-store orders get up to June 30. Regardless of which set purchased, both run 3150 Yen ($32 USD) plus tax, with the shipping date being October 16. Another incentive on purchasing pre-paid tickets for Revenge via Lawson at 1800 Yen may qualify for a limited edition sticker sheet, provided supplies last. But remember, this is IN JAPAN ONLY.

Check out the details here at TakaraTomy's site, and here's the sticket sheet at Loppi!