Kurtzman and Orci on “RotF” and Possible “TF3”

{mosimage}If fans thought Bumblebee lubricating on Agent Simmons (John Tuturro) in the first film was bizarre, consider the pair of wrecking balls on Devastator in astf courtesy of co-writer Ehren Krueger and as Alex Kurtzman puts it, "Well, it's a construction machine, so you of course have wrecking balls. And Michael (Bay), immediately, of course, loved it." Thematically, Revenge is similar to Spider-Man 2 and Roberto Orci adds:

"Sam never expected to find himself at the center of an alien war. He just wanted to have a normal kid and have a normal kid's experiences, and so he's at the natural point in his life where college would be the next step for him, and he wants that… the sequels we grew up loving, like Superman 2, Terminator 2 and Aliens are often about the hero's refusal of the call, and the consequences that follow."

Although both screenwriters had said in the past they're not going to write TF3, both seem to be open on doing writing duties again.

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