Hydra’s TF Pulp: Report from Transfunket 10

{mosimage}Our own Hydra was able to attend Transfunket 10, the only Transformer-based convention currently held in Japan! Held biannually during the summer and winter, Hydra was lucky enough to check out the event prior to BotCon 2009, which is mainly centered around TF doujinshi (more or less "fan comics" or "fan zines" that covers a variety of topics depending on the fandom, NOT just boy love or hentai). Transfunket isn't just a gathering place for TF fans, but there's also participation from artists of official Transformers publication. Three such artists showed up in attendance, that of: Imaki "Imaking" Shouji (Beast Wars II, Neo, Metals manga, and Q-Robo), "Galaxy Force" manga artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto, and Naoto Tsushima of "Stargate Battles" and the current "Henkei! Henkei!" Hydra was able to chat with all three and get their thoughts on their respective works, as well some of the information zines that contained various material, like concept sketches for "Masterforce" that was never finalized.

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