Hutchison Art: AHM #13, #14; Griffith Art: DVD Matrix Edition Art

{mosimage}Artist Trevor Hutchison, known for his variant covers in the All Hail Megatron series, has put up 2 covers of All Hail Megatron! There's his variant of Ironhide and Optimus for #13 that's quite a suiting red for both Autobots (and a bit of familiar design). AHM #14 involves a dichotomy and juxtaposition of Sunstreaker in two states – his time with the Autobots and his time under the Machination. Andrew Griffith, variant cover to "Spotlight Jazz" and various "Best of UK" covers, brings a clean version of the Matrix of Leadership artwork that's used on Shout! Factory's Matrix DVD 16-disc set, alongside how the crystal inside the Matrix looks like when you "open" it up.

Run away or hide behind Ironhide and Optimus in the AHM #13 cover, feel sorry (or not) for Sunstreaker on the AHM #14 cover at Hutchison's DeviantArt Gallery, and gaze that is the Matrix of Leadership and the Matrix crystal from Shout! Factory's box set from Griffith's DA Gallery!


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