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{mosimage}Michael Bell needs your help! He's put in a proposal with IDW for a series of motion comic books that would be available for download on iPhone, iTouch and other outlets. The animated comics would also include several of the voice actors from the early Transformers shows as well as other voice actors. The problem is, IDW seems to have stalled out on the issue. And that's where you come in! Michael Bell would like you to chime in with your opinions — just email [email protected] and tell IDW what you want.

You can see an example of what the series would be like in the following demo. Click here to see Michael Bell's message about the motion comic book series, and how you can help see it become a reality! And don't forget to share your thoughts here on the Allspark!


To all my Transformer buds,

I recently directed a demo for a series of motion graphic "Transformers" comics which could be downloaded via iPhone, iTouch, and other outlets. Many talented professional actors provided the voices for the characters in the demo including myself. The plan was to present it to IDW Comics who had shown more then a passing interest in this budding new concept. With a go ahead on producing the series, I would be employing the talents of as many of the original voices from the early series as possible. I had already cleared this with my fellow "Transformers" actors, and everyone was waiting in the wings for  the response from the powers at IDW comics.

After months of mulling over it, they ultimately passed on the idea, and surprise surprise, decided to produce their own graphic motion novel without the voices or even the superbly heightened animation. So, essentially what you now have the ability to download is a plain old comic book.

Nothing new there.

SOooooo, I am taking my request to the troops. To all the die hard fans who I have met over the years at Botcon conventions, or who have written to me asking about my experiences working on one of the most inventive animated series in TV history- I need your help! I am requesting that you do something for me and my fellow actors, so we can in-turn do something really cool for you.

Please contact IDW and let them know that their concept of a series of comic books based on "Transformers" WITHOUT the talents of voice actors, especially many of the original voices, just doesn't cut it.

Please ask them to contract Creative Producers Chris Folino and William Katt, and make a deal for them to produce their concept of a downloadable graphic motion comic series of "Transformers" with – Hide quoted text – professional actors, progressive animation, and lotsa sound effects.

On behalf of all those actors, animators, and studio techs that will get an opportunity to carry on a great tradition,

I thank you,
Michael "Prowl/Swoop" Bell