GameTrailers Video with “Revenge” Game Producer and Art Director

{mosimage}GameTrailers has a new video where Luxoflux producer Jason Ades talks about astf: The Game, how the advantage of having a first game is that all the relationships have been established, thus collaboration between the various parties involved (e.g., Hasbro, ILM). How with access to most of the production, such as animatics, it allowed the developers to maximaze the factors that'll have audiences/fans talking. Luxoflux rt director Justin Thomas also talked about balancing the characters with the world around them, as well the balancing act of bringing in fan favorites into the movie-verse. Also covered was transforming between robot and vehicle mode, the focus on multiplayer, where compared to the first game NPCs were mostly drones but now they're going with soldiers. At a basis, Thomas points out that it's invisioning "what if" – "what if this was a toy?"

Watch the video of these two going about the game and the various gameplay snippets for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!