From Russia With Love, Explosions, and Bayhem

{mosimage} The Czar of Explosions himself, Michael 'Boom' Bay, drops a line to the faithful fans from the behind of the Iron Curtain (well, it was the Iron Curtain when Transformers started…), where only the truly awesome are allowed to go!  From his blog , he talks Russia, IMAX and Reviewers:

Back from Moscow. Fresh from a visit to the former KGB, with second in command. He told me in his office I'm one of 10 American's, one being a President, to ever be allowed inside what is now called the FSB. The only reason was he heard I was in town and he is a fan of my films.

Last night with my crew I saw the IMAX version. Once you get used to the giant format and your eyes adjust, it's an awesome experience. I have been waiting until the film was final to judge, and I'm really pleased. You have to make a point to see it this way – It could be the very best way to see Transformers.

C'mon guys critics? Give me a break. Do you all have short term memory? They killed the first one, and it still became a world-wide smash. I made this for the you, the audience!

You sure did Michael!  You sure did!