Flak On “Revenge” Over Shanghai and the Twins

{mosimage}Talk about coming from the East and West regarding astf. From various US news, such as AP, there's been criticism that the Autobot Twins, Skids (voiced by Tom Kenny) and Mudflap (voiced by Reno Wilson, as well voice of Frenzy in Transformers), are racial stereotypes of African-American in the film, comparable to Star Wars' Jar Jar Binks from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Director Michael Bay defends against the criticism, citing that he "did it for the kids" and that the Twins are "just good clean fun." Of note on the Twins' portrayal, where Wilson is black, Kenny (Animated Starscream) is white. Another line of criticism was how some Chinese citizens felt that the scene taking place in Shanghai is an insult, saying that the factory sequence shown and it being bombed was a bad representation of the metropolis. Others argue that any major city is bound to have areas that aren't entirely picturesque, and by shooting at only the prosperous portions while ignoring the "shabby places, that [they] can not call it an insult to China?" In essence: "Forbidding others to talk about our deficiencies and pretending to be perfect while we are not is only fooling ourselves."

Read up about the "racism" issue at MSN or AP news, and sound off at our thread pertaining to it. Read People's Daily Online regarding the Shanghai scene argument.