Covers for All Hail Megatron From Chris Ryall

{mosimage}IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall has posted a quintet of AHM covers that'll be hitting bookshelves in the future, two of which we've already seen: Don Figueroa's AHM #13 variant of Ironhide and Optimus, and the newly revealed cover involving Starscream and a certain item just recently at the IDW panel in BotCon 09. The remaining trio comprises of a Trevor Hutchison variant to AHM #15 involving Perceptor, a returning Galvatron by Andrew Griffith, and Perceptor in Leonardo da Vinci's famous "The Vitruvian Man" pose.

Gander at the covers at Ryall's blog entry! Andrew Griffith has also posted the final version of the Galvatron cover at his DeviantArt – the one Ryall posted was a work-in-progress.