Andy Schmidt Talks All Hail Megatron and ROTF Spotlights

{mosimage}Miraging of The Tower blog has recently conducted an interview with IDW senior editor Andy Schmidt (Spotlight Metroplex) regarding All Hail Megatron and Spotlights on a couple astf characters! On AHM, one questioned answered was that Perceptor was intended the way he's portrayed currently (even though it was before Schmidt came onboard), and that we'll "see a different focus in terms of who we focus on and what they're doing. Tough to say now, but there's lots of good character beats headed your way." As for which characters showing up in their Spotlights for the live-action movie: Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Arcee, Jetfire, Ravage, and The Fallen, but not necessarily in that order.

Read the entirely interview at The Tower! Thanks to Miraging!