Andy Schmidt On Spotlight Metroplex

{mosimage}Although Comic Book Resources' interview with IDW editor Andy Shcmidt was a bit heavy on Star Trek, there were a couple paragraphs regarding his upcoming Spotlight Metroplex that hits shelves come July. Where most comics have an average of five panels on a page, the challenge for Schmidt was utilizing two-page spreads.

"Normally, you shoot for around five panels to a page, on average, but spreads are different and they have different rules so that the reader will read them properly. The canvas had changed. It was really tough, but what I'm finding is that every time I have an obstacle to overcome (especially since I'm still a fairly young comics writer) that it just makes me step my game up. It was a challenge, and figuring it out I think led to a better book."

Another interesting note is that it's from Goldbug's point of view, rather than the titular and massive Autobot .

Read the rest of the interview at Comic Book Resources and don't forget to pick up Spotlight Metroplex when he lands on shelves (and hopefully doesn't break them) on July 1!