2 New “Revenge of the Fallen” TV Spots

{mosimage}New astf TV spots hitting the Internet! There's a couple new scenes we haven't seen yet! Optimus clocking Megatron, more rumble in the desert of Egypt, and a good ol' beatdown between Optimus, Megatron, and the Decepticons during the forest fight scene are among what you'll catch. If your eyes are fast enough, that is! The second TV spot, "Stomp", is much shorter, being 15 seconds and comes courtesy of TheMovieBox.net! Other than the "This isn't my war."/"It soon will be." exchange between Sam and Optimus, carrier destruction, and Devastator, we also have Epps (Tyrese Gibson) getting ready to "lay down some whoopaft" [sic] and quite a Matrix moment of Optimus firing off a shot.

Gaze in awe of TV spot #9 in HD here, and glimpse at TV spot #10 in HD here!