Ultimate Fan Aneurism – Allspark Audio Interview with Peter Cullen and Frank Welker SIMULTANEOUSLY


It's been a while, but the Allspark's own Rook and Cog are at it again, and this time they've got the big kahunas! Yes that's right, Neuroloaders! The legendary Peter Cullen and Frank Welker have stopped by Mouth04 Studios to share their thoughts on the new game "astf: The Game" from Activision, and Cog behaved… mostly. There's just too much to stimulate you over this Botcon weekend though, so we're going to unleash the full fury of this audio interview next week. Here's a snippet to whet your appetites! Special thanks to Activision for facilitating this!

Rook: Mr. Welker, while recording for Revenge of the Fallen, did you finally succeed in making Peter laugh water out of his nose, and if so, what are your current goals?

Frank: Well, as Peter mentioned, unfortunately we had to record by ourselves. So as much as I tried to sneak in to his sessions to disrupt him, I was barred by his security, you know he travels with 2 or 3 security guards now that he’s so popular. I still just drive my Volkswagen, and nobody knows who I am but there’s Optimus Prime and that Rolls Royce with 4 body guards. But actually, when we go to a commentary, now I’m going to work on trying to get him to choke on a chocolate chip cookie, I think that would be good.

Peter: I’ll be prepared, you know what Frank I won’t forgive you for showing up in that Eeyore costume dragging your back feet behind it. Anything to break me up, but that I won’t forget.

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