Transformers: ROTF Gameplay Trailers and Screenshots


Recently, The Allspark visited Las Vegas and sat down with the developers on Activision's new astf video game. Here's a first look at some gameplay trailers for the XBOX 360 both single player and mutliplayer. More information to follow!



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If you're a Transformers Movie fan, you're going to want to check out Transformers: ROTF The Game when it releases this June. In addition to a much smoother interface and epic single player campaign, the folks over at Activision have really listened to the fans since the first game. They understand that as giant alien robots, we want to shoot things with our energy guns, rocket launchers and grenades rather than throw bushes at the enemy – and they delivered. With faster, more fluid transformations and better use of alt modes, smoother driving physics and fast paced game play, Activision has given us a game that is sure to be as big a hit as the movie this summer.

Besides an epic single player mode (in which you single handledly get the chance to hand Demolishor his skid plate), there is also a heavy focus on multiplayer — something sorely lacking from the previous installment.

MultiPlayer modes include:

  • Deathmatch – Each Transformer for himself. Destroy as many other players as you can in the time allotted. The player with the most points (not kills) at the end of the round wins.
  • Team Deathmatch – Autobots versus Decepticons! Eliminate as many members of the opposing faction as possible within the allotted time. The team with the highest combined kill count wins.
  • One Shall Stand – This is a team leader mode, where one Autobot will be Optimus Prime and one Decepticon will be Megatron. The object is to kill the opposing leader.

– If you are not the team leader, you will continue to respawn as long as your leader is alive. Protect your leader and attack the opposing leader!

– If you are the leader, you will not respawn! But you can see the position of the enemy leader at all times, so guide your teammates.

– If a leader dies, that team has 60 seconds to defeat the opposing leader, or they lose.

– The player who kills the enemy leader will become his team’s new leader the next round.

  • Control Points – Players split into teams. Fight for control by taking over all five of the control points on the map.

– Capture the 5 control points in order.

– The middle points start neutral and must be captured first.

– Color-coded beacons indicate which points should be captured or defended.

– Control points are also indicated on the radar.

– Once a point is captured, it cannot be re-taken for 10 seconds

  • Battle for the Shards – This is a ‘capture the flag’ mode where both teams race to acquire the parts of the AllSpark. There are AllSpark Shards spread across the level. You grab them and take them back to your base. You can only walk with the Shards. If you transform, or get killed, you drop the Shard

In addition the cast of single player characters, each sporting multiple paint schemes, there are also a slew of unique characters that act as 'drones' paying homage to some of the original groups from G1.

Playing for the Autobots is OPTIMUS PRIME, IRONHIDE, BREAKAWAY, BUMBLEBEE, RATCHET, AERIALBOT (Multiplayer-exclusive) and PROTECTOBOT (Multiplayer-exclusive)

Rounding out the Decepticons is STARSCREAM, SIDEWAYS ,GRINDOR, LONG HAUL, MEGATRON and SEEKER (Multiplayer-exclusive)

Each character has a primary attack and a secondary attack as well as a special power that can be used on a recharge timer. For example, Optimus Prime can invoke a shield that protects him for a short time from all enemy fire and Seeker, who happens to be a black and purple repaint of Starscream can teleport.

The above information is valid for both PS3 and XBOX 360, but there will also a Wii Version (Brought to you by the folks who gave us "Transformers: Armada"), PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS versions.

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